14 Things You Can Do To Become A Better Tester

14 Things You Can Do To Become A Better Tester

1 Prioritise

You have to prioritise the important bugs, especially the ones which will add more value. This will help you to find bugs in a much simpler way.

2 Always ask questions

Never assume anything, always ask questions and find out what something is supposed to do and what is the possible outcome you can obtain.

3 Write clear bug reports

You have to write clear bug reports which are accurate and which helps to solve issues in an easily manner.

4 Willingness to learn

Software and technologies are keep changing, we are witnessing new technologies, so stay up to date with the latest technologies. Read about articles regarding latest technologies, new tools and other related issues.

5 Listen and take on board feedback

Always accept both positive and negative feedback, be willing to listen to these feedback and try to improvise.

6 Be passionate

Be passionate about testing and QA, enjoy and excel at what you do.

7 Understand the requirements

Before you start the testing process, examine and try to understand the requirements, this will help you to develop and create better test cases and it can improve the overall quality of the testing process.

8 Be creative

There are numerous ways to test an application and software, use your creativity to find out the quickest way you can find bugs and give feedback.

9 Take ownership

It will increase your responsibility and it will make the process more enthusiastic.

10 Flexibility

Support team members with tasks even if it’s not testing related.

11 Never stop learning

Read blogs and articles, try to learn programs and codes this will help you excel at testing.

12 Look at ways to improve testing process

Always come up with ideas on how you can improve the quality of the testing process and how soon you can find the bug.

13 Learn the difference between severity and priority

Always try to understand which task is important and why is it important.

14 Learn a scripting language

A scripting language can be used to automate repetitive tasks or processes; it can help you speed up the overall process.

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