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Web Testing



Compatibility testing ensures that products install and run smoothly on any target browser. Without testing, users may be unable to access all features, resulting in lost business or angry customers.

Variety of browsers


We test compatibility against a range of browsers. User preferences may be toward highly secure, lightweight or compatible browsers for many reasons, even niche ones have millions of users that your site should work on.



Supposedly compatible browsers can produce many types of display quirks, different views and strange behaviour when running a site or web app. Our usability testing will ensure a consistent performance, whatever the browser and OS.

Mobile Testing

Device compatibility


Compatibility is key. We test and QA on different OS versions to make sure customers always have a functioning app. We recommend giving your app a spring clean test whenever there’s a new OS release.

Real devices


Customers are connected, whether on a tablet or smartphone. Our rigorous testing and QA process is conducted on the real devices your clients love, so they’ll love your app too.

Emulators and simulators


Like customers, devices come in all shapes and sizes. We have a bank of up-to-date emulators and simulators that will ensure that whatever screen-size they’ve got, your app has pristine functionality and appearance.

Desktop Testing

OS compatibility


Our quality assurance service provides in-depth, wide-ranging testing across a range of operating systems, including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

Virtual Machines


We use specially designed clean virtual machines to ensure faster feedback across multiple operating systems at once, meaning that our service is streamlined and efficient.



Our wealth of experience in testing and quality assurance means that we can work with a vast range of operating systems, and you can rely on us to provide detailed, thorough feedback.

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